Founding Director

            Subir Biswas

Current Students

           Clifton Watson (Ph.D.)

           Yan Shi (Ph.D.)          

            Feng Dezhi (Ph.D.)

            Saptarshi Das (Ph.D.)

            Rui Wang (Ph.D.)

            Henry Griffith (Ph.D.)

            Mohamed Salim (Ph.D.)

            Brandon L Harrington (Ph.D.)

            David Osinski (U.G. Research)


Past Visiting Scholars


         Janik Schlemminger (Visiting U.G. Research Scholar)

         Robert Gernhardt (Visiting U.G. Research Scholar)

         Imrul Hassan (Swinburne University, Australia)

         Stephan Lorentz (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany)

         Matthias Schmidt (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany)

         Ernest Chiang (National Taiwan University)

         Jeremias Weinreich (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany)

         Gagan Bhatia (Delhi University)

         Raymond Tatchikou (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany)


Past Students


        Dr. Faezeh Hajiaghajani

        Dr. Bo Dong, with Qualcom

        Dr. Debasmit Banerjee, with Bose R&D

        Dr. Qiong Huo

        Dr. Mahmoud Taghizadeh Mehrjardi, with Google

             Dr. Anthony Plummer, with Advanced Physics Laboratory @ Johns Hopkins

        Dr. Muhannad Quwaider      , with Jordan University of Science and Technology

        Dr. Jayanthi Rao, with Ford Telematics Research

        Dr. Fan Yu

        Dr. Tao Wu

        Dr. Heechang Kim, with Telcordia Research

        William Tomlinson (M.S.)

        Mohamed Salim (M.S.)

        Howard Hardiman (M.S.)

        David Rurangirwa (M.S.)

        Nagendra Singh (M.S.)      with Microsoft     

        Rohit Naik (M.S.) with Microsoft

        Anthony Plummer (M.S.) with Advanced Physics Laboratory @ Johns Hopkins

        Ali Aqel (M.S.) with Microsoft

        Darshak Thakore (M.S.) with CableLabs

        Vedran Simunovic (U.G. Research) with Georgia Tech.

        DJ Seeds (U.G. Research)

        Kristopher Kyle Micinski (U.G. Research) with University of Maryland

        Lim ChaiYong (U.G. Research) with Arizona State University

        Rachel Klavon (U.G. Research) with Texas Instruments

        James Lee (U.G. Research)

        Rahul Mehta(U.G. Research)

        Shreyas Thiagarajasubramanian (U.G. Research)

        Derek Bower (U.G. Research)

        Sonny Gupta (U.G. Research) with Palantir Technologies


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